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Here you can download some PDF docs such as our general technical file, the latest price list or a presentation of our whole range of products.

List price 2022download
probe dimensiondownload
presentation brochuredownload

DATASHEET new products
U-Flex Series (Head)download
Single Phase U-Flex Seriesdownload
U-Flex micro Series (Head)download
3 Phase U-Flex Seriesdownload
2000A U-Flex micro Seriesdownload
1000A U-Flex micro Seriesdownload
Customised HE Series External Powerdownload
True RMS Clamp-Meters - HE Seriesdownload
OPEN LOOP SCT Series 4 to 20mAdownload
Probes HE Series 30A - 300Adownload
OPEN LOOP SCT Seriesdownload
Probes HE Series 1000A - 2000Adownload

DATASHEET micro probes AC
M3.UB 10A-1Vdownload
M3.UB 10A-2Vdownload
M3.UB 10A-5Vdownload
M3.UB 1A-1Vdownload
M3.UB 20A-1Vdownload
M3.UB 20A-2Vdownload
M3.UB 20A-5Vdownload
M3.UB 50A-1Vdownload
M3.UB 50A-2Vdownload
M3.UB 50A-5Vdownload
M3.UB 5A-1Vdownload
M3.UB 5A-2Vdownload
M3.U 100A-0.5Vdownload
M3.U 100A-1Vdownload
M3.U 100A-2Vdownload
M3.U 200A-0.5Vdownload
M3.U 200A-1Vdownload
M3.U 200A-2Vdownload
M3 100A-1Adownload
M3 100A-200mAdownload
M3 200A-100mAdownload
M3 200A-1Adownload
M3 200A-200mAdownload

DATASHEET micro probes DC
MX 10A 100A-1Vdownload

DATASHEET medium probes AC
S.UE 1000A-1Vdownload
S.UE 500A-0.5Vdownload
S.U 250 500 1000A-1Vdownload
S.V 1000A-1Vdcdownload
SM.UB 1000A-1Vdownload
SM.UB 10A-1Vdownload
SM.UB 1A-1Vdownload
SM.UE 1000A-1Vdownload
SM.U 10 100 1000A-1Vdownload
SM.VB 1000A-1Vdcdownload
SM 1000A-1Adownload
SM 1000A-5Adownload
SM 250 500 1000A-1Adownload
SM 250 500 1000A-5Adownload
S 1000A-1Adownload
S 1000A-5Adownload
S 250 500 1000A-1Adownload
S 250 500 1000A-5Adownload
S 500A-0.5Adownload
S 500A-5Adownload

DATASHEET medium probes DC
SC.2C 100A-1Vdownload
SC.2C 200A-1Vdownload
SC.3C 1000A-1Vdownload
SC 100 1000A-1Vdownload
SC 2000A-2Vdownload
SC 200 2000A-2Vdownload

DATASHEET large probes AC
H16 1000A-5Adownload
H16 100A-5Adownload
H16 1500A-5Adownload
H16 500 1000 1500A-5Adownload
H32.UE 1000A-1Vdownload
H32.UE 3000A-1Vdownload
H32.U 30 300 3000-3Vdownload
P16 1500A-5Adownload
P32.UEB5 1A-1Vdownload
P32.UE 3000A-1Vdownload
P32 1000 2000 3000A-1Adownload
P32 1000 2000 3000A-5Adownload
P32 3000A-1Adownload
P32 3000A-5Adownload
P32 500 1000 1500A-1Adownload
P32 500 1000 1500A-5Adownload

DATASHEET large probes DC
H20 3C 1000 2000A-2Vdownload
H20 3C 200 2000A-2Vdownload
H20 3C 400 2000A-2Vdownload
H20 3C 500 2000A-2Vdownload
H40 3C 1000 4000A-2Vdownload
H40 3C 2000 4000A-2Vdownload
H40 3C 500 4000A-2Vdownload
H50 3C 1000 5000A-2Vdownload
H50 3C 2000 5000A-2Vdownload
P20 3C 1000A 2000A-2Vdownload
P20 3C 200A 2000A-2Vdownload
P20 3C 400A 2000A-2Vdownload
P20 3C 500A 2000A-2Vdownload
P40 3C 1000A 4000A-2Vdownload
P40 3C 2000A 4000A-2Vdownload
P40 3C 500A 4000A-2Vdownload
P50 3C 1000A 5000A-2Vdownload
P50 3C 2000A 5000A-2Vdownload
P75 3C 1000A-2V 7500A-1.5Vdownload
P75 3C 2000A-2V 7500A-1.5Vdownload
P75 3C 4000A-2V 7500A-1.5Vdownload
P75 3C 5000A-2V 7500A-1.5Vdownload

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